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This website is devoted to Beer Coaster Collecting
also known as 'Tegestology'
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Welcome to beercoast.com, your source for Beer Coaster collecting information. This site contains information about beer coasters, the very rare, mysterious, obscure and much more.

Coaster collecting has been a very popular hobby for years. While not as widespread as other breweriana such as beer cans, beer labels, caps or beer trays, Tegestology has shown a resurgence that came along with the popularity of microbreweries. More and more new collectors are joining this hobby every year. New micro coasters make it very easy for new enthusiasts to be on an equal trading level with the old time collectors.

Coasters are collected in a variety of ways. You can collect them by brewery, state, region, country or just collect everything. There are some people that specialize only in sports related coasters or those issued during a specific time period such as WWII or pre-prohibition. Coasters are not limited to breweries, there are those for restaurants, bars, sporting events, soda, whiskey, food and there is even one produced for someone's wedding. No matter what you collect, there is a coaster that somehow fits your interest. On this website, we concentrate on BEER coasters.

Many coasters have minor variations that make them slightly different. Color, text, a different city, phone number or any number of changes can make a coaster unique. For example, there is a Rheingold coaster that has printed on the bottom edge the words 'Brewers for over 115 years'. Every year that this coaster was used, the years went up until it hit 121 years. Some collectors would ignore this small difference but most serious collectors would scramble to find all the different variations.

Other common variations to look for are:
  • the presence or lack of a union label or printers bug
  • different color schemes
  • inverted (upside down) reverses
  • different brewery locations
If you're a collector, you can use this site in many ways:
  • View newest coaster additions as our members add new finds every day
  • identify a coaster by searching, looking by the state and city, or text
  • managing your own inventory
  • perform want-list comparisons with other member collectors instead of comparing your wants using a tedious manual process.
So go ahead, pick a state and look for your favorite brewer. If they have produced a beer coaster we probably already know about it. And if we don't have it in our guides, use the contact form to tell us about yourself and become a member. Submit a new coaster addition and other members will see your name prominently displayed next to your find.

Welcome to Beercoast.com!

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