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Alaska Breweries
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49th State BrewingAK-49ST2016-Anchorage3
Alaskan Brewing (10)AK-ALK1986-Juneau0
Baranof Island BrewingAK-BAR2010-Sitka3
Bearpaw River Brewing Co.AK-BPR2015-Wasilla1
Bleeding Heart BreweryAK-BLH2016-Palmer1
Broken ToothAK-BRT2012-Anchorage3
Denali Brewing Co.AK-DEN2012-Anchorage3
Devil's Club Brewing Co.AK-DEV2016-Juneau1
Glacier BrewhouseAK-GLCL1996-Anchorage25
Homer BrewingAK-HOME1996-Homer4
Hoo DooAK-HOO2013-Fairbanks1
Kassik's Kenai Brew StopAK-KASS2004-Kenai2
Kenai RiverAK-KEN2006-Soldotna4
Ketchikan BrewingAK-KETC1999-2002Ketchikan1
Kodiak Island BrewingAK-KOD2003-Kodiak1
Last Frontier BrewingAK-LAST2011-Wasilla1
Midnight Sun BrewingAK-MIDN1995-Anchorage4
Moose's Tooth BrewingqAK-MOO1996-Anchorage2
Regal Eagle BrewingAK-EAGL1995-2006Eagle River1
Resolution BrewingAK-RESO2015-Anchorage1
Silver Gulch BrewingAK-SILV1998-Fox3
Skagway BrewingAK-SKAG1999-2002Skagway14
Sleeping Lady BrewingAK-SLP1996-Anchorage1
Alaska Brewer count: 23
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