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Hawaii Breweries
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Ali'i Brewing Co.HI-ALI1994-2000Honolulu2
Aloha BeerHI-ALOH1997-Honolulu4
American BrewingHI-ABC1933-1962Honolulu5
Big Aloha BrewingHI-BIGA1997-Honolulu1
Brew MoonSee: Brew Keeper (OH-BRWK)
Cereal Products RefiningHI-CFP1923-1936Honolulu1
Fish & Game BrewingHI-FHG?-2005Maui2
Hapa's Brew HausHI-HAPA1997-2000Kihei, Maui2
Hawai'i Nui BrewingHI-HNUI2008-Lihue & Hilo8
Hawaii Brewing Co.HI-HBC1962-1964Honolulu2
Hawaii Brewing Corp. LTDHI-HBCL1934-1962Honolulu5
Home Of The Brave BrewingHI-HOME2010-Honolulu3
Honolulu BeerworksHI-HBW2014-Honolulu7
Honolulu Brewing & MaltingHI-HONO?-?Honolulu1
Kaua'i Beer Co.HI-KAUB2014-Lihue & Hilo2
Kauai IslandHI-KAU2012-Kauai5
Keoki BrewingHI-KKI1998-2007Lihue, Kauai5
Kohola BreweryHI-KOHO2015-Lahaina1
Kona Brewing Co.HI-KONA1995-Hawaii (Big Island)32
Lanikai BrewingHI-LAN2015-Kailua2
Maui Beer Co.HI-MAUI1994-Kula, Maul2
Maui BrewingHI-MABC2005-Maui7
Mehana Brewing Co.HI-MEHA1996-2009Hilo, Hawaii2
Molokai BrewingHI-MKI2000-2001Kaunakakai, Molokai2
Paisley BrewingHI-PAI2012-Pearl City, Oahu1
Primo Brewing & MaltingHI-PRIMO2008-Honolulu20
Rainier Brewing Co.HI-RAI?-?Honolulu1
Sam ChoysHI-SCY1997-Honolulu1
Sharktooth BreweryHI-SKY1995-1998Kahului2
Trade Winds Brewing Co.HI-TWB1995-?Wailuku, Maui2
Waikiki BrewingHI-WAIK2015-Honolulu1
Waimea BrewingHI-WAMA1998-2012Waimea, Kauai4
Whalers BrewpubHI-WHAL1997-?Lihue, Kauai1
Hawaii Brewer count: 33
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