Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Rhode Island
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American BrewingSee: Great Providence Brewing Co (RI-GRPR)
Brutopia Brewery & KitchenRI-BRU2014-Cranston1
Bucket BreweryRI-BUC2012-Pawtucket1
Coastal Extreme Brewing CoRI-CEXT1999-Newport9
Coddington Brewing Co.RI-CODD1995-Middletown7
Foolproof BrewingRI-FULL2013-Pawtucket6
G. Krueger Brewing Co.RI-KRU1961-1981Cranston9
Great Providence Brewing CoRI-GRPR1997-1997Providence1
Grey Sail BrewingRI-GREY2011-Westerly12
Hollen Brewing Co.RI-HOLL1936-1938Warwick1
Hope Brewing Co.RI-HOP1988-1992Providence5
James Hanley Co.RI-HAN1876-1957Providence17
Long Live Beerworks, Inc.RI-LONG2016-Providence1
Mohegan Cafe & BreweryRI-MOH1999-Block Island3
Narragansett Brewing Co (6)RI-NAR1890-Pawtucket582
Newport Storm BrewerySee: Coastal Extreme Brewing Co (RI-CEXT)
P. BallantineRI-BAL1972 - 1981Cranston1
Proclamation Ale CoRI-PROC2014-West Kingston1
Revival BrewingRI-REV2011-Cranston7
Roger Williams BrewingRI-ROGW1934-1940Providence3
Trinity BrewhouseRI-TRI1994-Providence7
Union Station BreweryRI-UNI1993-Providence10
Whalers BrewingRI-WHAL2014-Wakefield1
Rhode Island count: 23
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