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Old Bisbee Brewing - Bisbee, AZ
Description: brewed by Bisbee
Configuration: 1/0 - One sided coaster, blank on reverse
Size:   4" 
Year:   2017
Date added:   09-10-2017- 20:12:30
Image updated:   September 10, 2017 20:13:04.
Submitter: Frank Golden
Kate's contract brand coaster and beer. Wolfgang is right when he said Old Bisbee might be brewing Kate's Special. I traveled to Tombstone on December 1 and talked with the Big Nose Kate's restaurant manager, after I dined there. The answer I got to who is brewing their beer was evasive, at best. She never said it was Old Bisbee. I also heard it was the Thunder Canyon, but when I went there on December 2, I was told 'not so.' Kate's manager also said that no clean Kate's Special coasters were available. Seems they have sent most of them to people who write requesting them, instead of visiting the place in person and spending some money. Because I had to visit other new breweries that day, I wasn't able to visit Old Bisbee. A phone message and an e-mail to that brewery's owner in which I asked if it is brewing for Kates have not been answered. I plan to return to that area in January, but will keep pursuing concrete information. I suggest that you leave the Kate's coaster under Old Bisbee until proven otherwise. I now have visited all but two currently open Arizona breweries (Rickety Cricket and Hanger 24) and plan to visit them and others in coming months.

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