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Variations - material, shading, size, and design

Thickness and color variations - Many times coasters are printed in batches and there may be slight variations in color or material thickness between print runs. Rather than cataloguing a new variety of a coaster when there is minor variation, we simply mention that variations have been found by collectors.

Size variations -The threshold for cataloguing based on size difference is 1/4". If a new coaster is found that is 1/4" larger or smaller than what is already on file in the guide, it is identified and assigned a new coaster code. Many times the code is the same as the original guide entry with a letter suffix. Size approximation - Coaster sizes are all measured to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. If they are somewhat more or less than a 1/8th inch increment, we round up. That way, you can plan for the plastic pocket size needed to hold the coaster. We never round DOWN in size.

Same design - different size - When a new coaster is found that is absolutely identical to another in design, but at least 1/4 inch different in size, it is assigned a new code. Generally this will be the same code number as the original, with a letter suffix. Also, the new coaster will usually be displayed below the other, without showing the image, for quick reference. In some cases multiples of coasters have been found with the same design but wide variations in size.

Different design - is it a variation? -The term 'variation' is not typically used when there is a definite change in the design, no matter how small. A good example of this is a coaster with no symbols such as copyright or trademark, and a later release was printed with a tiny ™, © or ®. These would be identified and coded separately in the guide.
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