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De-activated' coasters

De-activated means the coaster has been removed from the guide.

Within the database that is the core of beercoast.com, every coaster has it's own data record. And within that data record is a simple checkbox called 'Active'. Coasters must be checked as active to appear in a guide on the website. But on occasion there is a requirement to remove a coaster for one reason or another. When this happens, the entire record of the coaster is preserved, with notes as to why it was de-activated.

Coasters can be de-activated for one of the following reasons:
  • Duplicate record - after adding the coaster to the guide it was determined that the coaster was already on file. This can happen for very large brewers, however it is becoming less and less of a problem as we improve ways to identify new coasters and search existing ones.
  • Added in error - sometimes it is determined that a coaster should not have been added to the guide - for any reason.
  • Minor variation - with few exceptions we generally avoid adding a new variety of a coaster with these characteristics:
    • minor color change - this happens when a printer does anther run of coasters and there is slight color change either in background or detail.
    • minor size variation - we list new coasters is they are 1/4" larger or smaller than a coaster already on file with the se=made design. Anything smaller than that is recorded in the description as "size variations".
    • Corner variations - many times a printer will die-cut rounded corners on coasters, and there can be variations in the size of the 'round' of the corners. These are noted as 'corner variations'.
    • Moving or renumbering - on rare occasions a coaster is moved to a different section of the guide than originally assigned, or the coaster code may be changed.
Regardless of the reason, coaster records are rarely deleted. The original records are preserved and 'de-activated' to be removed from a guide with notes as to reasons why.
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