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Coaster rarity is rather subjective, based on one's opinion, and is always the topic of discussion.

A proposed updated and expanded description, authored by Richard Anderson in May 2017 added more for descriptive text to include online auctions. Here are the different rarity levels, their descriptions used by beercoast.com and assigned to most coasters in the guides:
  1. Very common - available at almost all brewery shows and at times can still be found at bars, beer festivals or general trading. Very frequently available on-line.
  2. Common - Can be found at most trade shows that have good coaster selections, and generally available on-line often throughout the year.
  3. Less Common - Difficult to find but most serious collectors will have it. Appears at trade shows with good coaster selections and on-line auctions a couple of times a year.
  4. Rare - very difficult coaster to find. Surfaces infrequently at trade shows and on-line auctions.
  5. Exceptionally Rare - very few known to exist. Rarely, if ever, appears at shows or in on-line auctions. Probably mostly acquired through private purchases of advanced coaster collections.
  6. Not verified to exist - These coasters probably exist, although none have been found to date. Usually they are part of a set, such as football teams made by a large brewer, where a particular team is missing from the guide. An image in the guide isn't really scanned from an original coaster, as none have been found. It is usually photo-shopped to provide an example of our best guess as to what it would look like.

How is rarity initially assigned?

Coaster rarity is assigned based upon the count of coasters that a brewer has produced.
  • If a brewer has made 200 or more different coasters, the rarity is considered to be more common and assigned a s '2'.
  • If a brewer has less than 200 coasters produced, rarity is assigned as a '3' - meaning less common
  • If a coaster is found that is obviously an older coaster based on our knowledge of different brewers and when they were in business, it may be assigned a higher level such as 4 or 5. This is rare, but they do surface every so often!
Some members aren't really concerned with seeing relative rarity values for coasters, unless they are exceptionally rare. For that reason, the rarity level to display on beercoast.com can be selected by the member in their member profile. A member can display all rarity levels assigned, or values above a certain level, such as 4 or greater (for example) or none, based on their preference.


This is an example of 6 - a coaster not verified to exist.

It's a one-sided coaster that hasn't been found yet, although most every other coaster in this series has a 2-sided coaster with an additional 1-sided version of the design.

We're still looking for this elusive coaster!
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