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Submitting a coaster

Submitting coasters Ė some basic guidelines

  • Send your coaster submission in an email addressed to me (you can find my email address in the member roster)

  • Send one coaster per email !

  • Is it a coaster from a NEW brewer that isn't already on file?
    • In the SUBJECT LINE of the email, put the name of the brewer, city and state or province
      like: Jones Brewing Co. Pottstown, PA
    • In the body of the email, provide the YEAR they opened for business or started brewing, if you know it.

  • Is it a coaster from a brewer that is already listed on beercoast.com?
    • In the SUBJECT LINE of the email put the BREWER code, like PA-READ

  • IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL include the following:
    • The configuration. State it simply as 1/0, 1/1 or Ĺ. That's ALL that's necessary.
      Donít try to describe it by typing things like 'both sides the same', or 'same on reverse', just use our standard way to describe coaster configurations.
      • 1/0 - printed on one side - blank on reverse
      • 1/1 - printed with the SAME or identical design on both sides
      • 1/2 - printed on both sides -0 DIFFERENT design on reverse
    • Shape - No need to say what shape it is Ė unless your image is REALLY distorted Ė see more below.
    • Size Ė state the size in decimal inches rounded up to the nearest .125 (ok, 1/8th) of an inch.
    • ATTACH both images to the email, or a single image if itís a 1/1 or 1/0. There is no need to send two images if it's a 1/1 coaster and both sides are the same.
    • Notes Ė anything you think would be good to preserve in the notes about a coaster.
    • Material - Let us know if it's made of something like marble, glass, plastic, foam, rubber, leather or anything other than paper/pulp.
    • Is it really thin or thick, like as thin as a sheet of paper, like a doily, or thicker, like 1/8" or so?

  • If you use a camera phone...
    • It's best to shoot ONE SIDE AT A TIME. If you attempt to shoot both sides next to each other with the camera close to the image it will generally be skewed and have to be corrected.
    • Shoot it straight on, so the coaster in the image is round (if itís round), etc. Look at the image, is the coaster round? Ö or does it look oval shaped because itís skewed? If it is a round coaster and it doesnít look round in the image, reshoot it!
    • Make sure the coaster is well-lit from the side so that the image isnít washed out with reflection and also that there are no shadows across it.
    • Make sure that the light you use makes the coaster look natural.. Is the coaster white, but the image makes it look yellow or blue? Reshoot under some better light.

  • If you capture the coaster image with a SCANNER
    • Place the coaster about 1/2 inch from the edge of the scanner so there isn't a black line behind the edge.
    • It's OK to scan both sides together if you have 2 copies of a 1/2 coaster. Place them side by side, horizontally, with no space between them. Look at most 1/2 coaster thumbnail images on beercoast.com and you can see that we crop right to the edge and both sides are right next to each other.
    • SAVE your images as .jpg or JPEG format. We can also accept .png, but JPG is the standard for beercoast.com and images will be converted to JPEG.

  • Be sure you have captured a large enough coaster image so we have plenty of resolution. I set my scanner to 150 dots per inch, color for scanning.

  • If itís a light/white coaster, use some contrasting background such as black or other darker color. Donít shoot a white coaster lying on a white sheet of paper Ė itís hard to see the edges of the coaster.

  • Flourescent colors (orange, lime green etc.) will not generally be picked up by a scanner. They look like a dull version of the color. Don't worry about it, just state that it is a fluorescent orange coaster in your notes. Sometimes we re-color them to make them look closer to the original. (Devices that display in RDG - Red/Green/Blue generally can't display flourescents).

Sometimes processing new submissions is a few days behind. Especially after a number of members have been to a show - the new submissions come flooding in. Please so be patient! Once your submission has been processed you will be sent back a confirming email which has a link to the page where you can find your new submission. When you receive the confirmation, please click the link and go look at the coaster and report back if there are any errors. The email will also let you know If the coaster has already been submitted.

You will be credited as the submitter for a new coaster, and your name will appear below the thumbnail image.

If two members submit coasters with a date and time-stamped email within 24 hours of each other they will both be credited as the submitter. (Up to three members can be credited as a submitter, but this is rare!)

If you need help, call or email. my contact info is in the member roaster - you must be logged in to see it.

Many thanks for all the great coasters we receive from members!

Gil Davis
Albuquerque, N.M. USA
December 2017
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