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Cropping and resizing an image

When submitting images for two-sided (1/2) coasters, follow these guidelines:
  • Take a look at the thumbnails already on file. They are examples of how we crop every coaster image to before loading to the guide.
  • If you have only 1 copy of a particular coasters you will need to scan one side, flip it over, and scan the other. That's OK - they can be submitted as separate images. Or you can combine them to a single image - your choice.
  • A little technical trivia - ALL images are rectangles, regardless of what is inside them. Confusing? - Even if the coaster is round, oval, die-cut, or whatever shape, the IMAGE of the coaster will always be a rectangle. It may be that it's a 400x400 pixel rectangle, also known as a square, but to the imaging system, website, and anywhere it's displayed - it's a rectangle. What you want to avoid is having the rectangles overlap each other. This means more work for whomever is cropping them to prep for upload to beercoast.com. Here's an example of bad overlap:

  • If you have 2 copies and can scan both front and back at the same time, place them on the scanner side by side so they are touching and lined up horizontally with no overlap.

    Like this:

  • If there’s a lot of whitespace around the outside edges it's OK. Images will be cleaned up with a quick crop and it’s done. When they’re image borders are staggered, it means there’s overlap and they have to be lined up properly. It doesn’t seem like much, but it makes the work three times what it could be, and multiplied by hundreds of coasters per year it adds up. So, place them side by side right next to each other if possible. If you can line up the top edge on both, that’s great, just make sure that the rectangle that would be the resulting image doesn’t overlap between the two coaster 'rectangles'.
  • Cropping? Crop the image right to the edge! We crop out all whitespace on the top and sides of the coaster. This saves download time and displays a larger image on the website. You can crop to leave ZERO whitespace along the top and bottom edges, just don't cut off the coaster edge. We place the two coaster sides bumped up right next to each other. Also, when scanning, place them about inch away from the top and side edges of your scanner. This makes for a clean scan without a black line around the edge. I have sometimes placed a straight 1 inch piece of paper the same thickness as the coaster across the top edge of the scanner to use as a straight edge when scanning square coasters.

Resizing - If you have the ability to re-size a coaster, great! Send in images that are a minimum of 400 pixels on a side. Generally a minimum of 100 pixels per inch of coaster dimension. We like to store a large image of each coaster to show detail. If it's a 5 inch postcard try to send in an image that is at least 500 pixels wide. If it's more, that's ok! Just send it in. But check your image size to be sure it's set high enough on the scanner. If it's REALLY big, that's OK to, because we can crop it down to the right size. If it's REALLY small, that's bad,. because it's not enough to truly show the coaster detail.

See other FAQ articles on scanning for more info.
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