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Who made this coaster way back when....?

It may help in identifying the age of a coaster by determining who printed the coaster or any special markings not related to the brewery. Some coasters had this type of information printed on the front or back. These usually appeared only on 4-inch older coasters. Some coaster makers put embossing or printed lines such as:
  • Made in the USA by Absorbo Beer Pad Co. Inc. NY
  • Made in the USA by Lion Match Co., INC
  • E.M. Blumenthal & Co. Chicago-Germany
  • Griffin-Rutgers-INC. New York along with Made in Austria (Usually has the dates 1933 or 1934 associated with these markings)
  • Made in USA by Sherman
  • Kostat Reg U.S. Pat OFF
  • R.G. Fenstermaker Allentown PA
  • Universal Tray & Sign Co. New York
  • BaVco U.S.A
  • PTD in USA by Brandt & Brandt NYC
  • Printed by Curt Teich & Company, Inc, Chicago IL USA
  • MFD by brewer & Sons Chicago (this is impressed on the reverse)
  • BMT co. Germany
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