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Coaster Codes

Coaster codes are assigned based upon the following format:


SS = State Code: Two letter postal abbreviation for the state, province, territory or other government jurisdiction

BBBB = Brewer Code: This prefix of the coaster code uniquely identifies the brewer in the database. Sometimes this is the first few characters of the brewer name. The brewer code is always unique to the brewer and we generally try to avoid using codes thet are very similar. For example, if we already have a brewer on file with an assigned code such as WI-MIL, we generally try to avoid adding a new brewer coded as WIL-MILW.

N = Coaster Number: This number is assigned sequentially as new coasters are added to the guide. A lower number does not always indicate a coaster was produced before or after a higher number. It is based on the order coaster was submitted to the guides.

A = Letter SuffixCatalog numbers can also contain letter suffixes:
  • A coaster that is part of a very similar 'set' of coasters AND it was known to be part of a set when Catalog Numbers are assigned.
  • A new variation of an identical design is found:
    • A variation in size, such as one coaster that is 4" versus a new one that is 3.5". The newer coaster would be assigned the same code with a letter suffix.
    • A variation in configuration with identical design on reverse. For example, a coaster that is printed on one side and blank on reverse might be already on file (A 1/0 configuration). Later on, a new variety of the same design, printed on both sides is found (A 1/1 configuration). The new coaster would be assigned the same basic code with a letter suffix.

Catalog numbers are never re-used. If a coaster is removed from the guide, the code is archived and retained for historical reference, but doesn't appear on guide lists. For that reason, a collector may encounter gaps in the numbering because a coaster was removed. At beercoast.com we don;t delete records, we 'de-activate' them so they don't appear in the guide. However, we always preserve for future reference the original coaster information including notes as to why a coaster was removed.
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