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Multi-brewer Coasters
Sorted by State and Brewer code

This report may seem a bit confusing at the moment
I am re-programming it and Moving Multi-brewer coasters to their proper locations.
Please be patient while this work is in progress.....thanks /Gil
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A few notes about this list:
  • This report shows coasters that display two or more from different breweries
  • Each coaster is coded and appears under the brewer with the least number of coasters
  • All of these coasters can be found by searching for any of the brewer names
  • They are also identified as 'multi-brewer' below the thumbnail and wide image pages
  • Click the Coaster Code to view coaster details, including image and WIDE images
    All of these coasters are searchable with a single word describing the design, like chair, owl, paw etc
  • Thumbnail Image Column:
    • A Checkmark: ✓ indicates a thumbnail or larger image is on file - click the CODE to view the coaster
    • (1) indicates the number of coaster sides in the image
    • 'w' indicates a WIDE image is available for viewing
    • RED cells indicate a problem, such as missing image or configuration mismatch
  • Mouseover an item to see explanations (in many cases)
  • If you see or wish to report any brewer changes, please contact the state administrator and report the error !
Coaster Code
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ConfigRarityImagesSizeYearDate addedContributor(s)
AR-MIAR-11/22(2) w3.5"201708/09/2017Miller
AZ-MADE-11/12(1) w4"01/01/2014Miller
AZ-MADE-21/2 (1) w4"01/01
CO-COOR-22181/22(2) w4"201801/20/2018Mrazik
CO-HAFH-11/2 (2) 4"01/01/2014Patterson
CO-ODEL-521/2 (2) 4"01/01Borup-Nielsen
DE-DEAT-11/2 (2) w3.75"01/01Kurtz
FL-CIG-201/23(2) w3.5"201710/16/2017Hobson
IL-CHIB-11/23(2) w4"201801/13/2018N
IN-BLIN-11/0 (1) 3.5"201601/01/2014Paxton
IN-SUN-281/2 (2) 4"201501/01Reich
MA-ALES-11/22(2) w4"201707/24/2017Waldron
ME-KEN-511/22(2) w3.75"201704/22Hobson
ME-KEN-531/22(2) w3.75"201704/22Hobson
ME-KEN-561/22(2) w3.75"201704/25Hobson
ME-KEN-571/22(2) w3.75"201709/29Selbert
ME-KEN-581/22(2) w3.75"201709/29Selbert
MI-BEERC-11/12(1) 4x3.25"200412/31/1969Battye
MN-STRAU-61/22(2) w4"199601/01/2014
NC-ABA-11/2 (2) w4"01/01Miller
NC-GRBM-11/2 (2) w4"01/01Lee
NC-TOUR-11/2 (2) 4"01/01Lee
NH-TAPP-11/2 (2) w4"01/01Miller
NJ-NJBA-11/2 (2) w4"01/01Miller
NJ-NJBA-21/2 (2) w3.5"01/01Miller
NY-HONY-11/2 (2) 4"01/01Scalia
NY-OMME-721/23(2) w4"12/30/2017Scalia
OR-DES-651/22(2) w4x3.125"01/12/2018Henne
OR-DES-661/2 (2) 3.75x3"01/01/2014Binge
OR-OCVA-11/2 (2) w4"01/01Williams
OR-SABA-11/2 (2) 4"01/01Binge
OR-SABA-21/23(2) w4"201802/11/2018Borup-Nielsen
PA-EART-21/2 (2) 4"201501/01/2014Handy
VA-DEV-121/22(2) w3.75"201708/22/2017Waldron
VT-VBA-11/2 (2) w3.5"01/01/2014Kurtz
VT-VBA-21/2 (2) w3.5"01/01Miller
VT-VBA-31/2 (2) w3.5"01/01Rausch
VT-VBA-41/2 (2) w3.5"01/01Rausch
WA-BEBW-11/22(2) w4"201711/28/2017Borup-Nielsen
WA-TOTR-11/2 (2) 4"01/01/2014Golden

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