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beercoast.com revision history
Remaining to convert:
  • Labatt - in progress
  • Molson
  • Anheuser Busch
date beercoast.com milestones
1/21/2018Festivals page reorganized to display state greetings image with link to 'Festivals in (state name)'
1/21Last of Festival coasters coded to state and images moved.
1/18Online Membership form is now available
1/17US and Canada now display brewer and coaster counts AND assigned administrator if member is logged in.
1/15Multi-brewer coaster reorganized into state guides. MB checkbox enabled and report set up.
11/15Cleaned up search page so results can be better seen
11/12COORS Conversion completed
11/6Inactive members no longer displayed on a want list comparison
11/6Thumbnail pages - Suppress brewer city display if blank (no comma appears, just the state abbreviation)
11/4Brewer thumbnail page link to alternate reference added
11/4Pennsylvania conversion completed (1960 active coasters, 260 brewers)
10/15Added brewer update link for admins on Brewer List
10/1Added Member profile checkbox to 'hide' non-beer coasters for members who don't collect and don't want to see them.
9/10Narragansett REBUS 2017 puzzles loaded to match their list.
9/3Newest coaster list link now goes to correct brewer page - and split brewer and city up for readability
8/20FESTIVALS - Began moving Festivals to their respective states instead of separate section. Makes it easier to find a festival. As a new festivals coaster comes in the state section will be created and coasters moved over. Eventually 'Festivals' link will disappear from home page
8/15Indexes added to brewer, coaster, member and inventory tables for improved performance. Want list comparisons now takes less CPU overhead and completes in a few seconds as opposed to minutes
8/14Added nag message for members whose expiration date is within 30 days.
7/18Link to go to state or province brewer list added to administrator list
6/25Brewer update implemented - administrators can now update brewer data for their assigned states.provinces
6/17ONTARIO conversion completed, including Sleeman
6/11Non-state specific Multi Brewer coaster section conversion completed (20 coasters re-coded as MU-MB)
6/1Created test section for Non-US brewer coasters released into the US (Corona, Heineken, etc)
5/15Created logos and added homepage links for Mystery, Multi-brewer and Festivals guides
5/15US and Canada maps on homepage - brewer selection mas moved to Canada and US pages
5/14ALBERTA conversion completed
5/11NEWEST coasters now shows options to show thumbnails or list by country: , , or ALL coasters
5/10Finished coaster resequence utility
4/29Added warning message to inventory update if state coaster count is over 1000
4/26Festivals conversion completed
4/19Brewer Update program online - members can now be assigned to a state to manage brewer info.
4/13Texas conversion completed
4/4Colorado conversion completed - including new indexing New Belgium postcards feature
3/24Search by brewer name added to SEARCH page. Members can now search by description of a coaster, code, or to find brewers
3/22Member page now shows total counts for coasters in a member's collection (own), how many different coasters the member has extras for trade, and also the total number of trading coasters available - click the MEMBER tab, and login to see these summary totals. - Thanks to Frank Golden!
3/21Coaster codes clicked from from the inventory page now use the same routine to display an individual coaster with wide image and detailed info as the thumbnail page for consistency.
3/20Coaster detail now shows your inventory for the coaster as well as who else has it available for trade - for the individual coaster. Click on any coaster thumbnail image to see this detail
3/17Changed hard-coded display of rarity level to member-specific display. All members previously only saw rarity levels of 5 or 6. Now rarity level to display is stored in the members profile and displays coaster rarity ABOVE whatever number is stored. Changed all members to 4 as was previous default. Members can now choose what they wish to see. 0 = show all rarities, 6=show none, or whatever level they want in between
3/5Fixed coaster counts so parent brewers with child sections total coasters properly on brewer list - counts had formerly been shown as zero if there were child groups.
3/4US Territories converted
2/21Revised NEWEST coaster display page to select count of coasters to view
2/18Loaded member inventory from spreadsheet - thanks Ken Applin - 1087 Oregon coaster inventory records! - this saves a member having to do the initial data entry for inventory for a particular state if you already have the counts of which coasters you own and have available for trade in a spreadsheet. That data can be loaded directly to the database, saving LOTS of manual data entry time. Email me if you are interested in quick data load
1/28Fixed brewer columns for counts and index status
1/27/2017Parent Company now appears on Brewer detail page if the brewer is separately owned..
12/28Coaster counts restored to brewer list. Count updated as needed when someone views a brewer.
12/14Auto-'See Notes' display. The words "See Notes" previously had to be entered manually to let someone know there more info available on the coaster detail page. Now 'SEE Notes' appears automatically if there are ANY addtional notes for a coaster.
'See Notes' removed from 50+ descriptions in coaster records - no longer needed
12/14(CLOSED) appears on brewer thumbnails page if brewer closed is checked in brewer record
12/14Non-coaster reasons added to database: 1=not a beer, 2=non brewer 3 = other advertising, 4=one of a kind or hand drawn
12/14Modified brewer detail display - moves notes to bottom, added submitter name and facebook link with logo
12/9Added sequence number display when a compiler is logged in and viewing thumbnails
12/8Finished TITLE coding to separate sections of coasters on a thumbnail pages. A title now entered into a coaster record breaks the rows of thumbnails apart and inserts title text as required
12/7Shortened NEWEST link on homepage - set default to images (vs list), and added display count to NEWEST coasters
11/18Added Search by coaster code
11/17Kansas Load Completed
11/17Mystery Coasters moved from coastermania to MYSTERY Page
11/16Added MYSTERY coasters link to Home Page US map
11/16beercoast.com 1 year Anniversary !
11/16Nevada Load Completed
11/15MYSTERY coasters page online!
11/15Nebraska Load Completed
11/14Louisiana Load Completed
11/13Iowa Load Completed
11/12Fixed Want List Comparison timeout and other bugs for very large state comparisons
11/10North Dakota Load Completed
11/8Souith Dakota Load Completed
11/7Arkansas Load Completed
11/6Wisconsin Microbrews load completed - all Wisconsin are now consolidated to one guide.
11/1Miller Load Completed (WI-MIL)
10/22Fixed search so it transfers to correct brewer page when there are multiple - brewer/group page number is now stored in coaster record.
10/19Removed coaster count calculation and display from brewer list page to improve brewer loading performance.
10/10Revised summary info text and changed background row switch to white background
10/9Begin marking newly harvested coasters with copyright checkbox instead of hard-coded @copy next to dates
10/9Show brewer and state links on search results
10/8Trim brewer info on coaster thumbnail pages to two luines - move brewer detail to separate popup window
10/6Suppress display of groups if brewer has an alternate reference
10/6Display 'wide image' on search results if wide image viewable in popup window
9/1Added - 1st test of 'indexer and compiler functions for indexing coasters
9/1Added coaster indexing program for quick SEARCH text entry at coaster, brewer or state levels
9/1Added SEARCH - coasters can now be found by entering a bit of text. SEARCH menu button added
8/31Finished Michigan basic load - on to Miller!
8/21Converted date coaster added from date to date/time field for more accurate 'newest' coaster display
8/20Added 19 new coaster submissions - a one day record!
8/19Alaska Converted
8/13Updated Member reports page - added top submitters and non-coaster reports
8/14Hawaii Converted
8/13District of Columbia Converted
8/13Indiana Converted
8/7Mississippi Converted
8/6Alabama Converted
8/3Florida Converted
7/31Georgia Converted
7/29Newest coasters now viewable as thumbnails with list/thumb toggle
7/23South Carolina Converted
7/7Tennessee Converted
7/3Maryland and Virginia Converted!
7/1harvesting program fixed !
6/1Maryland conversion started - halted due to brewer harvesting breakdown
4/28Completed Oregon Brewer and Coaster Load
4/29Added some missing OR coasters and did some re-arranging - renumbered McMenamin's for summary list
4/22Revised brewer list and coaster thumbnail display to properly capture totals
for brewer categories including sub/child groups.
Total coasters displayed for a brewer now includes all sub/child groups regardless of depth of nesting!
4/18Finished WA data harvest and image capture
working on load and cleanup
4/15Finished up brewer harvesting program...
direct access to read coastermania state pages
Harvests 90% of brewer data automatically to avoid manual work
Also preps cbrewer for proper placement of coasters under a brewer
Revised coaster harvesting program to properly assign brewer.
4/10Finished up coaster harvesting program - reads coastermania data
and harvests 90% automatically!
4/1Created separate new ticket list program - too much complexity with summary functions.
3/31New York completed. Some image cleanup and sorts left to fix
3/16New York load progresses - 2/3 done + category testing and reorg.
3/29Brewer category display rewrite to show coaster counts and totals
3/10Categories Added
2/16Coaster data 'harvesting' program first used!
2/16Added Next/previous brewer links to coaster thumbnail page
2/12Minnesota images harvested and data loaded
2/8New Mexico images harvested and data loaded
1/20Added notes for members on thumbnail pages - if they own it, a checkmark appears followed by trade quantity in (parenthesis)Thumbnail and Summary pages show a checkmark if the coaster is 'owned' by the collector, and also the quantity available for trade
also added flyout help text if a member moves mouseover the check mark or trade quantity
1/20Fixed brewer list error - first brewer wasn't displaying on list
1/17Thumbnail and Summary pages show a checkmark if the coaster is 'owned' by the collector, and also the quantity available for trade
1/16Summary page now shows want list for member who is logged in, with a button to toggle between want list and full collection.
1/15Inventory Update page is online!
1/4Thumbnail page now shows member inventory (checkmark)
Summary page shows inventory and those available for trade
1/3Added inventory table - summary now shows coasters a member has, and those available for trade
1/2/2016Added member table and login based access for member functions
12/30Closed breweries display in RED on brewer list (Thanks Ralph Mills!)
12/19Added summary page option to sort by coaster date added
12/19Summary page now shows latest additions to coaster database *NEW!*
12/18Added date stamp coaster & brewer records (applied when record added)
12/3Added some contact fields to brewer record (zip, website, brewmaster, email)
12/2Created alternate brewer reference and tested with SC-SEB/NC-SEB
(for brewers that change locations, close breweries etc)
11/30Loaded coaster Summary Page to simplify data error detection
11/28Separate coaster fields: description, search and notes
11/28Filenames renamed with NC- prefix
11/28Contact Form Activated
11/24Brewer sort and 'active' brewer field fixed, added brewer counts to state list
11/21Coaster thumbnail display written - logic for rows and pagination added
11/18Coaster filenames standardized to uppercase
11/17NC coaster record data harvested and uploaded
11/17NC Images Harvested, uploaded
11/16/2015basic site code developed for brewer and coaster
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